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Trade Waste Hull

Waste company supplies  trade waste services for businesses across Hull.

Waste firm waste services region recycling-led carbon neutral company that offers a client focused trade waste collection service at Hull.  The service provided is a trade waste collection service that’s tailored to client needs in addition to being great value for money.

Other services offered:

total waste control 

glass collection

food waste

and card


Compacting Waste Hull

Compacting waste on-site is one method of reducing a customer’s waste footprint before it even travels and only one of several services Waste company offer. 


Reduces Landfill waste Hull

The service helps reduce environmental impact in several different ways.  Retrieval of recyclable materials throughout our materials recycling facilities (mrf).  

Additionally, residual/general waste into a combined heat and power plant that creates energy in the waste.  This all reduces the total amount of waste going to landfill and also aids waste business ‘s target of achieving zero waste to landfill.

Waste company provide a variety of different equipment to assist with overall waste removal, including:

internal recycling containers

majority bags and bin liners

euro packs (1100’s)

front end loaders (fels)


ro-ros (enclosed, open upper, sealed or lockable)

compactor/compactor container


balers (vertical or horizontal)

customer’s are supplied with a carbon footprint approved accurate environmental reports that allows customers to see precisely where waste was recycled and ultimately the recycling percentage.


Waste Utilities Hull

From water treatment, to electricity and petrochemicals facilities, waste company’s long-term connections to the utilities industry offer invaluable expertise and a proven capability.

Offering a vast assortment of services and solutions to the utilities industry, waste company safeguards your environmental credentials, bottom line and helps keep you compliant across your property and is supported by a number of the largest industrial and commercial waste management fleets in the UK. Our dedicated services include:

overall waste

hard plastics

self indulgent & screenings

sludge & effluent

toxic waste

dry blended recycling

timber & metal

skip services

unplanned waste – onecall

clinical waste


ecological services

Waste Recycling Hull

Focused on supporting you throughout the duration of the contract, our committed team assists you deliver constant improvement, employ best practice and the results your client expects.

Key regions of service: landfill recreation health & safety

constant innovation

iso compliance

information provision

service efficacy strategic cost reduction

maximising commodity streams

csr goals & goals training & engagement


Logistics Waste Solutions Hull 

From recognized backhaul solutions to fully optimised distribution centres, waste business ‘innovative, practical logistics solutions can help support your business and deliver to your environmental targets.

Our group of dedicated specialists draw expertise from across a range of business sectors to supply you with expert advice, advice and proactive account management.  We also have business leading health and safety performance so you know you’re in safe hands.

Our committed services include: general waste

hazardous waste

dry combined recycling

product training

food service

unplanned waste

Bulking Solutions Hull

here at waste company, we understand you want to concentrate on your clients ‘ and your own business goals rather than the details of your waste management.  That’s why we offer committed, individual service and work together with you at a strategic level to decrease waste at source, increase recycling output and optimise your services to deliver environmental targets, all whilst encouraging your daily operations.

Request your free quote utilizing our easy-to-use tool and purchase your brand new waste Contract us on 01482 910 480 today.  If you need more time, then we email you a copy of your quotation which is valid for 30 days.

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