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Recycling Hull

We provide commercial recycling services for Hull businesses, including glass, plastic and mixed recycling – call us today!

The waste you place in your recycling bin is usually called dry mixed recycling waste which contains cardboard, paper, plastic, steel and aluminium cans. As long as it is not contaminated by other waste, it could be segregated into a reusable stuff through manual and technological procedures at one of our stuff recycling centres.

Our recycling centres use manual pickers, various magnets, eddy currents (reverse magnets), size-sorting equipment and conveyor belts to separate the different materials. These carefully sorted materials are then baled and furnished to the UK’s largest chips who recycle the material into new products.

Even general waste is screened and processed to recover any recyclable materials to ensure nothing is lost. Any waste that can’t be recycled is diverted for Energy from Waste.

In addition, we recycle other materials, including glass. This really is collected in the different bins that we provide to our customers and is stored within our recycling centre before it’s reprocessed and recycled back into glass products.

Food waste is segregated into different bins by some of our customers.

If you want to see first-hand how we recycle waste we’ve got a dedicated recycling service within our recycling centre in Hull.

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