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Asbestos Waste Collection Hull

The Asbestos Regulations 2006 require businesses to handle their asbestos waste by using approved containers and disposal.

The disposal of asbestos represents a health hazard and should be disposed of in compliance with the hazardous waste regulations. There are three main types of asbestos that have been used commercially over many years:

The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005, require the disposal of asbestos should be carried out by a legally compliant and fully licensed contractor. Asbestos waste ought to be double-bagged in heavy-duty polythene bags and clearly identified with a label prescribed for asbestos before it’s carried to a disposal site. Local waste managements in Hull work in partnership with asbestos removal specialists and supplies all the officially compliant sacks, containers, transportation and certification to dispose of your asbestos waste.

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