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Single Stream Recycling Hull

What’s single stream recycling?

Single stream recycling is a service we offer when you create a large volume of a specific sort of waste. The many common waste kinds because of our single stream recycling service are plastic, glass, paper, food, metal, card and wood.  We offer effective recycling solutions meaning that whatever the quantity or type of waste you create, we can recycle it.  By deflecting your waste from landfill, we can significantly reduce your costs.


Advantages of single stream recycling Hull

Minimizes your costs- by deflecting all of your single stream waste into recycling, we reduce your costs although preventing landfill tax. 

Single stream recycling increases your small business efficiency- 

because our staff manages every facet of the procedure through a bespoke service which ‘s built around you.

Enhances your ecological performance- we will help your business to minimise its environmental impact, improve resource efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

With our single stream recycling agency, we will help your business to minimise its environmental impact, improve resource efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.  See waste as a resource, not as a problem.  We have extensive experience of providing waste management services across the uk.  The waste business strategy concentrates on providing sustainable solutions for our clients; options that unlock the potential of waste as a re-usable substance and as a source of electricity.


 What is Landfill Tax?

Landfill tax is an ecological tax paid on almost any waste that is disposed of at a landfill site. Landfills are solid waste disposal websites, in which waste is deposited and compacted, then covered over with a layer of soil.  Their objective is to minimise the quantity of non-recyclable solid waste and keep it with minimal danger to the general public.  All landfill sites must be licensed from the government and also to use them you need to pay a garbage tax. The kind of waste delivered to landfill is frequently referred to as general waste and a number of kinds of food waste.  That the vast majority of businesses create general waste and thus it is very likely your company will have to cover its share of garbage tax. Why does it exist? The rationale landfill tax exists is an ecological one.  It’s set up to encourage businesses and people (part of individual council tax) to ship less of their waste to landfill so that they can do so by deciding to buy and use products that are made of recyclable or eco-friendly material.

Using landfill sites is not a sustainable waste disposal procedure and is critically damaging our environment.  That’s why the government has to dissuade people and businesses from relying on them and so we’re taxed accordingly.  You are able to read about how these websites affect the surroundings here. why does this increase annually? The landfill tax rates have improved annually without fail.  This is because it should function as a deterrent to using this disposal procedure and needs to encourage recycling.  The government hopes that eventually, we will get to a place where the market will be pressured into adopting more eco-friendly merchandise since an increasing number of businesses and people are going to want to reduce their landfill tax bill substantially and so will require recyclable products.

Landfill tax prices for 2020/21 have increased to 94.15 each tonne for the typical rate. Some waste management providers include landfill tax charges in their monthly charges and so their charges may increase from month to month.  At Waste business, however, we’ve got a far more predictable and steady billing policy.

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