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What’s the Waste Transfer Note / Duty of Care Certification? 

A duty of care along with even a waste transfer note (occasionally known as a wtn) is a legal document which any company which creates waste is needed to possess by law.  Waste company provides this record as part of our service.  The document functions to cover the company and the owner under the environmental protection act 1990, namely concerning trade or business waste.  It serves as proof that the business/owner disposes of (or transports ) their waste legally and responsibly.  The record is valid for a certain period of 1 year and must be retained by the owner/business for two years after expiry.   

The waste transfer note is signed and completed by both parties should include:


What type of container the waste is in?

The date and time that the waste was transferred

where the transfer took place

the names and addresses of both parties

details of which category of authorised individual, either or both of the parties.

As a waste carrier, you need a registration certificate, the certification number and the name of this council which issued it.


How much does the service cost?  

Our prices vary depending on the service you selected.  Waste company charge on a transparent ‘per elevator ‘ foundation, ensuring you understand just what you will be paying every month.  For a free quote visit the contact page or call us on 01482 910180  (local rate call).  


How often will my bin be emptied?  

We provide daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly (available on selected waste streams) collections, determined by your requirements.  Our average customer has one set weekly.  


What size bin do I want?  

That very much depends on the amount and type of waste that you produce.  We offer a wide range of bins and our expert sales staff will work together with you to ascertain the ideal size bin to suit your requirements.  You may always change the size of your bin at a later date if necessary, there is no charge for doing so.  For a list of the container dimensions on offer and what number of bin bags they hold, please visit our containers page.  


What time will my bin be collected? 

Collections can happen at any moment during the day, however, the vast majority of collections happen in the daytime.  


How do I touch you?  

You can contact us via live chat, or through the contact page on the website. To reach us by phone please phone 01482 910 180 (local rate call).   You can also contact us through Facebook or twitter.  


Where should I leave my bin for collection?  

In case your bin is usually saved inside or inside a locked place, then please move your bin to a readily accessible place.  Our drivers are not allowed to enter premises for health and security reasons.   Where possible try to make certain access to the bin isn’t obstructed by parked cars, and if you observe any changes to the road layout or road works that may affect the collection of your bin, please let us know so that we can advise the neighbourhood collection provider.  


What happens if my bin has stolen?  

Please let us know right away if anything happens to your own bin.  You will be liable to change out your bin, eurobins are costly to replace and we always advise our clients to take out our container protection.  For a minimal monthly charge, you will have peace of mind your bin is going to be replaced in the event of vandalism or theft.  


What is excess weight?  

As a result of the waste landfill taxation, waste is measured in weight not volume.  Whenever your contract starts, we’ll send you your duty of care record, this will indicate your maximum weight allowance.   Whenever your bin has been gathered it will be automatically weighed against the support supplier, they will get rid of the weight of the actual bin out of their calculations and check the weight of your waste against your weight allowance.  In the event the weight in the bin surpasses the weight allowance, excessive charges will happen.   In the event the contents of your bin exceed your maximum weight allowance you will be charged an additional amount.  If you are frequently exceeding your weight allowance, we’ll advise that you raise your support by choosing either a bigger bin or simply by having more frequent selections.   Please note.  Just because your bin may just seem ‘half complete ‘, it might still be overweight depending on the weight of the waste contained inside.   

We fully realize that you may not understand how thick the waste is that you are generating so we’ll always work with you and supply our expert advice to make sure that you have the ideal service level for your company requirements.  If you still need assistance, please contact us about 01482 910 180 or live chat. 

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